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About Traveller's Wish

The history of “TRAVELLERS WISH” started recently with a vision to establish a company which caters the demand of customers in Tours & Travel Industry. From the beginning this company developed the business. This has been the motto of the company to earn only if the customers are satisfied from the service rendered by the company. The company is dealing with Domestic as well as Inbound tourism. The company cultivates a culture of innovation and excels at introducing new concepts to the market. The company executes a vast range of products & services, from both chains and independent suppliers. The company believes in the theory of “ATEETHI DEVO BHAVA” means “GUESTS ARE GOD” The company always intends to provide the best services to the customers so that the feel at home.

Service level

The main focus of the company is to provide a gust with move then satisfactory service & comfortable journey

Time schedule

As soon as the great forwards a request the company without not wasting the time put the efforts to provide the customer with an idol solution. The company remains in touch with the customers during the tour.

Personal Attention

As per the schedule, on the arrival of the customers are greeted by the tour experienced representative & welcomed by a warm smile of the hotelier.


The company is known for it’s honestly and hence the guest feel secure while making financial transactions.


Our company offer packages ranges from low - budgeted to high range budget. The customers need not be worried about budget. Moreover it will be the privilege of the company to serve the customers to their utmost satisfaction and to prove this philosophy. The company is established in the lap of Himalaya where God & Goddess live. Kindly give us a chance to fulfill the dream which we have kept.

At last the company welcomes the customers to give us a chance to fulfill their ambitions and to prove our repeated version that “ATEETHI DEVO BHAV” i.e. “GUESTS ARE GOD”.

Honeymoon Packages
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There's no better way to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Himachal or anywhere else...more
There's no better way to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Himachal or anywhere else...more
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